Tell Me how you do it Ekhart..

in the moment
the peace lasts forever
in the practice
it is just the moment

how to string them together
no longer glimpses of happiness
and calm
but a
a tangible
way of being

Does Ekhart Tolle
still have doubts?
And less than perfect
his routine
doesn’t flow
in an easy,
forgiving rhythm
or is everyday
just like he says
full of the equanimity
that we all can have

tell me how you do it Ekhardt..
tell me how you pay your bills
and not have your feelings hurt..
tell me who stocks your cupboards
and changes your sheets
and who loves you Ekhart?
do you get to feel love
or do you give that up for
the middle place
where nothing is ever too good
or too bad?

tell me how it happened to you again?
How one day you just became
just one more time
tell me how you do it.

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