The beginning of the end and the beginning again

This week I will mark my 49th birthday.

I know.

I’m actually looking forward to 50. I look forward to feeling free enough to be who I am. I wish I were there yet, but in reality I am not. I worry about what people think, still, and way too much. I have put off my dreams and adventures for too many reasons to count..but really I can only cast blame on myself.

This next year I vow to be more courageous. I will put myself on my the top of priority list. Really. Truly.

Below is my list of what I hope to accomplish
1. dancing weekly
2. a regular yoga practice
3. promoting myself as an artist
4. painting..expanding my skill as an artist
5. spending a long day in the woods several times a months
6. regular hikes with Luka
7. eating more fresh vegetables…DAILY; eating better in general
8. planting a garden..even a small one
9. communicating more with my children
10. letting go of stress
11. setting boundaries
12. letting go of stuff..decluttering
13. being present with those I’m with
14. becoming a better listener
15. less time on this computer
16. journaling regularly
17. swimming every chance I get this summer
18. being kinder to myself
19. saying yes more often to opportunities
20. saying no to obligations I really don’t have energy or desire for
21. projecting and supporting positive thought, actions, words

I’m sure I could add to this list, but these are the most important to me right now. They also lead to creating the life I want and to becoming the person I want to be.

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