the good life

This morning I went for a nice, long run in the rain with my dog.  I’ve been running enough lately that I’ve gotten to the place where my running is effortless and I feel as if I could go forever.  Today was especially sweet because spring is incredible this year.  The dogwoods are at their peak right now, and there are so many flowers, it’s a banquet for the eyes and nose.  As Luka and I made our way home, we ran down a small path alongside the golf course.  It began to rain heavily but the air was so warm (and I was even warmer), and I remember thinking very clearly, “life is good.”  My life is good; sometimes I let myself forget that.  Tonight my sister and daughter will be arriving in town, one coming from the west, the other from the east.  Tomorrow, my niece will come, from the north.  We don’t get to spend a lot of time together, but somehow the stars aligned just so, and we have a week together.  Life is good.  

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