The New Year

I’ve walked ten plus miles in the last two days. Not so much a New Year’s resolution as just wanting to do something I like to do. The last two days my beau and I have bundled ourselves up and walked. It’s especially cold, and windy. Today we walked to the Dishman Community Center

so I could swim. My love had hoped to play a little bball, but the court was full of young aggressive players already into a game. So I swam a few laps, for free I might add, while he went to a coffeehouse and read the paper. I have been craving the water. It’s been over a year since I last swam and I was missing the sensation, the freedom water gives me. I swam laps and found myself winded and limbered up. I would have stayed longer if my eyes weren’t stinging and my love weren’t sitting in a coffeehouse waiting for me.

I showered and dried off; tried to blow dry my hair and met with my guy to make the trek home. The winter sun is low this time of year and at three the shadows cast by the buildings made us colder. We headed to Max and caught the train home. The eight blocks home were cold..really cold. I felt good and clear and utterly relieved when I made it to the backdoor. And lucky. I am rich in so many ways.

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