the one who is at play everywhere

This morning I officially taught my first yoga class.  It was wonderful.  I was subbing for a friend of mine so I felt a little ease in that.  Her students are pretty regular, so I wouldn’t likely have brand new students.  And in fact I only had two.  They were gracious and in good spirits, I was so fortunate.

Class moved along likely a bit quicker than I had planned, good information to know. My students seemed to be following well, I noticed some heavy breathing and accommodated with some rests and tried to have a nice savasana. For me, it was lovely.  I hope so for them.

Lately I have been feeling the gifts of presence.  I have been trying to honor my limits, rest enough, eat well, find moments for pleasures.  And this has soothed me.  I often feeling as if that last forty years of my life have been sprinting towards this time.  And now, here, I want nothing more than to sit with a cup of tea, or have dinner with a friend, take a stroll with Luka, or catch up with my children.  I strive for nothing.  At least until school starts again…then sometimes I find myself getting caught in that achievement mind. I must remember how it is now.

The scent of this moment is enough to bring it back.

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