The Pacific Market

I just discovered this wonderful Vietnamese market in my neighborhood.  Okay..I’ve know it was in my neighborhood since I moved to NE Portland, I just didn’t know how wonderful the market is.  I just bought three bags of food for $20.00.  Really!  Lots of beautiful veggies, fresh thai basil, noodles,  hot sauce, even some oranges, and yummy wontons.  And when I checked out, I was given a plastic $1.00 off coupon for my next trip.  How nice is that?

Last weekend I went to the market and bought $5.00 worth of food and was able to make 3 huge meals out of it.  Money’s tight these days, and I feel frugal but fortunate.  Tonight I made a beautiful tasty…

There’s something very sweet about living in one’s neighborhood.  And I have a neighborhood that I can really enjoy living in.  I can walk to parks, restaurants, a bookstore, coffeehouse, farmers market and post office…longer walks can take me to the library, movie theater, and some antique stores. The lightrail is just down the street, the airport not too far away.  I say it often, and it’s true.. I love where I live.   Life is feeling right right now.

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