the teacher

This past month I have begun my training to be a yoga teacher.  It is an eight month process and it is both harder and better than I had imagined.  As the program is run by an Ashram here in Portland, the question has arisen about the role of a guru.  Some feel the role of a guru is imposing, others feel he is a guide.  I am not sure what I feel.

What I do know is this.  There are others whose spiritual practices I respect and admire.  I wish my own practice were “better.”  I have trusted others too much in the past with my practice and have been hurt.  I have also grown because of it.  I have discovered that striving for spiritual enlightenment is not the way for me. I am on a journey of self discovery and feel the need to explore myself without the insight of others as a primary method for doing so.

There are moments everyday that I learn.  Everyone is teacher.  But I am no longer striving for some far away goal.  My goal is everyday..moment to moment.. Be here, appreciate, be kind, connect, create some beauty along the way…If I can live that with myself and others I have attained all I want.

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