things I’ve done this year……

my annual list and recap of the past year

1. trip to the East Coast (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts)

2. threw a book party for my husband’s book Featured Extras

3. Sold art at three different cafes

4. made a trip to see petroglyphs in the Gorge

5. threw our annual Christmas Party, this time hosting with frends

6. Joined the Board of Rahab’s Sisters and helped with the 10th year celebration/auction

7. Painted several commissioned pieces

8. knitted a scarf.. or two

9. went to the coast

10. danced Tango in Seattle

11. continued to heal from my shoulder injury

12. worked three different jobs

13. joined a community garden and grew food!

14. painted, painted, painted

15. bought a new (used) car

15. swam in a lake 🙂

16. read books! plural!

17. made meatballs

18. got a year older

19. saw both my children in the same week!

20.visited with my niece

21. made Christmas gifts

22. took walks

23. sewed a skirt

24. cut my own hair..more than once

25. started to really develop my own style..consciously

26. worked too many weekends and missed my husband

27. wrote bar trivia

28. played bar trivia

29. yoga

30. devoted energy to self care

31. spun wool

32. took many many walks with Luka

33. hosted my parents

34. traded art with LBG

35. made plans for a great 2014 😉


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