this stuff can’t be made up…

I met a woman once who’s name was Aquanet. I wish I could I say I was kidding, but I am not.

I met her when I was working downtown at a day center for homeless women. Many of the women had street names; Aquanet was not her street name. It was the name she was given at birth by her own mother.
I was reading Richard Brautigan at the bookstore today. His poems made me remember this. If you’ve ever read Brautigan, you’d understand how that would happen.
Below is one of my favorite Brautigan poems…
Affectionate Lightbulb

I have a 75 watt, glare free, long life

Harmony House light bulb in my toilet.

I have been living in the same apartment

for over two years now

and that bulb just keeps burning away.

I believe that it is fond of me.

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