this weekend

Chris and I headed downtown a few nights ago.  We enjoyed some tasty Lebanese food, then headed to the City Grill for dessert.  We  were surprised with a an available window seat and top notch seats to the fireworks show that starts the Rose Festival.  It was a lovely night. When we left, a young homeless man asked for my leftover..I obliged and he in turn  gave me a poem he had written.

The following evening Chris and I headed off to the movies with his son who is visiting this weekend.  While Chris got tickets, younger Chris and I stopped at food cart to get some Mexican food.  I struck up a conversation with the vendor as I noticed he was wearing a rosary ring. He said the prayer was long and he didn’t say it often, but having faith, believing is enough.

This week has brought much news, some unsettling others brighter, all of it leaves us waiting for the big unknown.  Nothing is ever sure.  Sureness is comforting, but fleeting.

This morning I woke early for work.  My car was dead..a big deal for a Prius. Chris lent me his car and I drove off only to worry all day.  Chris assured me all would be fine.  And this afternoon when I arrived home, it was.

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