to be known

I was known completely

and loved anyway….
I am still known completely
…and still loved
Sometimes I forget this, and sometimes in small and great moments, I am overwhelmed again. Just as a scent can bring a flood of memories and visceral connection to a specific time and place, I can be overcome with a love for others I cannot explain.  And my love…it is but one grain of sand in a universe of sand to the love that I was given. I am entirely grateful for the gift of my knowing. There were and still are moments when I long for that suspended grace again, to be be emptied…to be known…to be loved.  The truth is, I am always there, I just fail to recognize it.  And the greater truth is..we are all there, and there is beyond enough love…no question about that.  I do not know why I was given this gift…no clue at all.  I certainly didn’t earn it, I didn’t create it, or even call it forth.  I couldn’t have…But I can share it, in truth we all can…always.  I know this…and yet I seem to need reminding.  Yesterday I was reminded…another blessing.

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