I need to pay more attention to the gentle reminders in life, then  I won’t have to deal with the not-so-gentle ones.

Lesson I learned in an evening…trust myself.

I often second guess myself.  Perhaps I am easily influenced by the opinions of others; maybe I just want want some reassurance.  If I am patient though, that reassurance comes not from the lips of others, but from my own life. I am happy, able to handle stressful situations, feel creative, find balance between work and play…these are the signposts I need to recognize.  And when appropriate, I need to give myself some credit.

Last night I looked outside myself for what is innately in me, in each of us.  What I found instead, or what I carried away, was the weight of that need, not just my own, but others.  Love isn’t painful.  Need is.. expectation is. No one is the gatekeeper for Universal Love.  No one. There is no scale which measures the worth of our actions and our lives then calculates the exact portion of Love due to us. Universal Love is measureless…there is more than enough…so much more. I need only let go of the limits of my mind and my need to make sense of what I cannot entirely grasp.  Instead I will follow no path, and look no further, I must only give up the effort.

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