truth, nature, knowledge

I’ve needed some illumination these past few days.  I’ve fallen into a retrievable funk…much better than those dreaded irretrievable ones.  I can get myself worked up into a panicked state with little effort and this morning I went to my yoga mat to ground myself  and return a sense of stability I have seemed to have misplaced.

What I need is information.  What I have failed to do is procure that information.  Fear has paralyzed me, knowledge will set me free.  Sometimes I place a value on knowledge..good news vs bad news.  More often than not though, the news is just news…information.  Judgement placed on information creates drama, at least for me.

What I reminded myself on the mat this morning, is that information can be helpful.  Understanding the truth about a situation/perceived problem can only aid in the response/resolution of that situation.

So what has me troubled?  Money…shocking, I know.  But today, I resolve to really understand my financial situation so that I can control my finances and have them work for me.  For too long I’ve wanted to create financial independence for myself.  In order to do that, I really need to know what my expenses really are, and how much money I need to make.  Seems reasonable.  I guess I’ve been afraid that I will learn that I can’t support myself.  I won’t won’t the reality of that until I take a good look…

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