unconventionally old fashioned

we’re sitting in a Peet’s on Hawthorne, you writing a card to your grandmother

me, thinking about about our talk this morning

the unconventional and yet old school nature of our relationship

moving in together quickly, discovering each other in the routine that is life

I feel lucky that we decided this was a road we’d take

each day I am comforted by your physical presence

your scent and skin

and the way you talk and laugh, and smile with one side of your mouth

they are gravy

thick and salty gravy

I will always be kind to you

I choose that every day

I will always love you

this is not a choice, it just is

always and tangible

a part of me I cannot control

would not want to even if I could

I believe we will never discover all of each other

I am glad about that

much love for you beautiful one..


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