virtual friends

I quit facebook…again.  Social media is a weird thing.  I know… this blog is a form of social media.  I even post my picture; people could find me and know more about me via this blog than facebook.  I can’t quite tell you what the difference is..I only know that I find myself caring more about what people might think of me on fb than I do on this blog.  My fb profile is a billboard advertising pictures are evidence of the exciting life I have, the number of friends point to my popularity…I guess.  I have found myself in a number of uncomfortable situations because of facebook: misunderstandings, hurt feelings, once I even got into a big argument with my sister over a picture I posted of her. It has been nice to find old friends as well as exchanging pictures with my family.  But the cost for me outweighs the benefits.  I’m done.

Maybe I’ll take up letter writing again.

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