“We never really encounter our world, all we experience is our own nervous system”

I have walked many miles in the last week. Luka hasn’t had this much exercise in a awhile. I cannot help myself. For the last week I have taken two walks a day…each hours long. There is no point to them really. What I feel is a need not to be in the space I am, and my physical body is literally trying to escape. But like the axiom says…”Wherever you go, there you are.” And no matter how far I walk, I cannot leave behind the thoughts in my head. In long distance running it has been said that the most difficult distance to cover is the space between your ears. It’s true.
Last night I could not sleep, overwhelmed with the lot of my life. I stayed up reading the introduction to Easwaran’s edition of The Bhagavada Gita. It’s where I found the quote above. My nervous system is reactively experiencing the world right now, with the perceptions that our mine alone, from a history that is mine alone. There is comfort in knowing that my world view is a conditioned response of sorts. A condition I can influence. Which is what I am working to do. I am not sure of the “how” part of this…but it’s unimportant right now. I”m focusing on the “what” piece in this moment.

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