trouble finds a home in my body

in restless nights
and dark dreams
in the ache of my side 
that just will not go away
trouble, like a wrong turn
unnoticed for too long
the body doesn’t lie
just like a dog
This past week at work I was talking with one of my clients who is a psychologist.  He asked me if the I knew someone better by listening to them(his job) or by observing their body(more my job).  My first reply was that I believed you never really could know anyone at all.  People often tell you what they either want to believe about themselves or what they want you to believe about them.  And who we are is ever changing.  It’s hard to know ourselves, much less someone else.
The body though often betrays emotion.  The locked jaw and shallow breath when someone says, “I’m fine.”  The red face of embarrassment. And illness is often a manifestation of psychological dis-ease.  The body doesn’t lie.  
My body this week is a bit of a wreck.  It took physical discomfort for me to pay attention to the fact that I’m steering my life in the wrong direction.  I wish I had more awareness, but at least I have the cues my physical self can’t help but share.
Today, I’ll let some things go, and take care of myself.

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