Why I Love My Husband So Much

because it’s Valentine’s Day and because I have the best husband ever


1. He’s a good man; and being a good man is important to him.
2. He’s funny. Smart funny; not mean funny.
3. He plays the guitar really well.
4. He makes breakfasts.
5. He loves me soooooo much
6. He likes to read
7. He’s a very good writer.
8. He’s a very good teacher.
9. He works hard.
10. He always does the right thing.
11. He’s very very handsome. (Lest you think I think looks are most important, I put this at #11)
12. He’s generous.
13. He is always kind to me,
14. He will go out at odd hours to buy me chips or chocolate.
15. He likes my cooking and tells me so.
16. He likes my eccentricities.
17. He never teases.
18. He’s artistic.
19. He’s ridiculously smart
20. He’s romantic
21. He’s a door opener and holder without exception.
22. He makes a very good cup of coffee.
23. He appreciates me and tells me so regularly.
24. He loves babies.
25. He loves my dog, even though he doesn’t love dogs really.
26. He has the softest skin ever!
27. He dresses very nicely every day. (He wears a watch!)
28. He’s a very good snuggler
29. He’s a good tipper
30. He wants the best things for me.

I love my husband impossibly much, I do. And I consider myself very lucky.

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