Word. Vibration. Manifestation

of money

money is an agreement about an exchange of energy…

not good or bad..what is my agreement..intention is the direction

attention vs intention..what is pulling my attention away from my intention

we have to be disciplined with out intention.

I deserve to thrive

I have to come to an agreement with my own soul that I deserve to thrive. I deserve to thrive..


what is it that is grabbing my attention( worries, doubts, fears, stories, past) I must be willing to dig below the surface to release that which is holding my attention. Stories about worthiness. Release what has it’s grip on me. Be willing to put myself in the environment in which I can thrive.

Put myself in the Divine Flow…if I am willing to thrive…I will thrive.

Word. Vibration.Manifestation.

when we speak the word..we speak the heart of our intention..the I am is the word

I am a divine manifestation of the intent of the universe

Four Steps:

1. discipline..mindful…keep focused on what my intention is ( hear that and see that, but that is not the divine truth of who I am, and come to intention)

2. wisdom: allow innate wisdom to come forward..simply being on purpose in the moment..does doing this thing keep me in line with divine intent..the innate wisdom answers immediately

3. love: everything happens with love..fall in love with my divine intent..don’t have to know how that looks..be in it in the moment..most attractive in the moment..doesn’t matter what you do, sell the love..

4. surrender: let go of egoic desire..

I am a powerful spiritual being and I know who I am. I release my old impressions, experiences and ideas, that I have accepted as mine even though they belong to others. I accept only my own view of money. I have the power of my own intention to create the the life choose for myself, I choose now to bring my own clear intention into manifestation in my life. And so it is.

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